Posted on Aug 3, 2018

TransMountain Pipeline Moving Forward

Sherwood Park News - August 3, 2018

It has been a busy summer for many families in Strathcona County. From graduations and summer camps, to figuring out new arrangements with our aging family members, summer can be a time for transition. They all have one main thing in common, our families. It is my great pleasure that I get to meet and work with many families throughout our community. One thing that continues to be top of mind for many families when thinking about their long-term stability is how we can grow our economy. In Alberta, we know that our energy sector drives our economy. Since many folks have asked me for updates about the Trans Mountain pipeline, I thought would be important to make sure people know that we won’t stop working until the oil is flowing.

I’m fighting alongside Premier Rachel Notley as we stand up for Alberta and get this pipeline built. It has been 65 years since the last pipeline to tidewater was approved and constructed. Thanks to the strong voice of Premier Rachel Notley, we are closer than ever to creating thousands of jobs and getting top dollar for our resources.

In the last few months, our government has taken decisive action to get this pipeline built. We said all along that we would do whatever is takes to get this pipeline built. That’s why in late May, the Government of Canada purchased the pipeline project. This will ensure the pipeline is built and will be protected from further political attacks. We have said we would do whatever it takes to get shovels in the ground and oil flowing to new markets, and we will do exactly that.

This means construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline is back on track. Work is ramping up this summer and we can see firsthand the pipe being stockpiled in yards near Edson and Acheson. Construction is also happening at the pipeline’s terminals in the Lower Mainland of BC. In other words, the construction timeline now has far more certainty to it, and we remain ready and willing to turn off the taps if necessary. Additionally, Trans Mountain will file a longer term, more detailed construction schedule once it has been prepared and approved.

I also want to mention that it took Premier Rachel Notley’s leadership to get this done. Jason Kenney spent two decades in Ottawa and didn’t get a pipeline to Canadian tidewater built. He had his chance and he blew it. While Kenney was in cabinet in Ottawa, his team dropped the ball on Northern Gateway. He also failed to mention he had no problem supporting a $9 billion bailout of Ontario’s auto industry. To hear Kenney calling the federal investment in this project a “bailout” is insulting to hardworking Albertans.

Alberta’s NDP government stands on the side of hardworking Alberta families. We know families are going to benefit from the thousands of new jobs this project will create, as will the many more who depend on a strong Alberta energy sector. I know that Albertans rely on their elected officials being able to not just talk about the importance of the project, but also take action.

Construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline is progressing and as your representative in the Legislature, I will continue fighting alongside Premier Rachel Notley to get the job done.